There is more to yesterday’s post. :) The part that isn’t included is how the race went. After Grandma’s Marathon when I took running ridiculously serious and qualified for Boston I became a slacker runner. I would run maybe once a week. For months. Oops. I ran a half marathon at the end of October and missed getting my best time by 13 seconds. Yep that would be just one second per mile. My coach was not too impressed with me. Oops again.

I had about 3 weeks in between races so I did what I could do to train a little better for 3 weeks. That’s not really that much time but oh well. Our trip in Philly was interesting to say the least – our Air bnb apartment was disgusting and filled with gas (literally) so we didn’t get into our hotel until 2am Friday night. Saturday we walked ALL over Philly and ate lots of weird food. Sunday I woke up for the race not feeling all that great. I figured it was just nerves. I ended up being wrong. Joanna and I got to the start, waited an HOUR for the port-a-potty which caused me to have to run to the start (we were in different waves).

We asked a fellow runner to take our photo in line. This is what we initially got. Really people?? I look like I’m about to eat Joanna.


He then took a somewhat decent one. Thanks runner dude! Also, don’t mind the protein bar I stuck in my sports bra. Who am I?? Joanna is looking all cute and I haveĀ  food coming out of my shirt and socks on my arms. Sigh.


So I got to the start, the gun went off and I started running. I actually felt fabulous!! Fabulous that is, until mile 8. And then I realized if I didn’t find some sort of toilet within a few feet I would be one of those people with poo down their legs (aren’t you wishing you clicked over to PPB and was oogling over a cute boy instead of hearing about poo?). Luckily a port-a-potty was right at my side so I stopped and took care of business.

When I got out I told myself there is no way I’m telling my coach I didn’t get my best time because I had to take a poop. So I hauled my butt to the finish. I had my serious face on. Check it out.


And guess what? I did it!! I beat my best time by 40 seconds. I was so pumped! (And then I proceeded to use the elite runner’s port-a-potty because I was dying. Don’t tell.)

Does anyone out there have funny/gross stories like this? Or maybe I should be asking, does any of you out there have photos of cute boys you’d like to share? I’m always up for seeing some of those. :)

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