I fully understand that a post with no pictures is a big blogger no-no, but right now anyone who is reading this should just be happy I wrote a post.  :-)

Lets just cut to the chase here.

Last winter I bought myself a new pair of really cute black skinny jeans.  They had a little bit of stretch to them, and after I wore them a few hours they got a little too stretchy, so I returned them for a smaller size.  It is one of those jeans that is a little tight for the first hour you wear them but then they fit PERFECTLY.  Just have to get through that first hour.  :-)

So anyway, summer came.  I wore A. LOT. of dresses this past summer.  Here’s the thing about dresses: THEY HAVE NO ACCOUNTABILITY.  Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I was slowly packing on a few pounds over the summer.  All of a sudden fall hit, and I decided to throw on my black skinny jeans.  NO CAN DO. They were TOO TIGHT.  I’m talking, can-barely-button-them-hello-muffin-top tight.

So I weighed myself, I had gained about ten pounds.  Not AWFUL, very manageable to take off ten pounds.  EXPECT IF YOU ARE ME AND APPARENTLY I HAVE A PROBLEM.  It was extremely difficult for me to take off my post pregnancy weight, so I’m not sure why I thought this would be easy.  Cuz its not.

So the whole reason I am posting this on this stupid blog is because I am wondering if I put something out here publicly if I will actually stick to it.  Keep in mind, I went out for dinner tonight and ate a bunch of cheese curds.  Like, too many cheese curds.  So clearly my “lets do this privately” is not really working.  I don’t even know what a realistic time frame is for me….so….lets just say that by my birthday I’d like to be able to wear my black skinny jeans.  My birthday is April 13.  I would think that is pretty manageable…..right?!?!?!

I’ve already been trying some things (that apparently are not working) but I’ll blog about them later.  This post is getting long enough.  And don’t worry, this is not going to turn into a weight loss blog.  In fact, I don’t even know if I’m going to really get on the scale, since that totally messes with my brain and makes me a not-very-nice person to be around.  BUT, it might be necessary.  We’ll see.

Let Operation Skinny Jeans commence.

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