You know how you have your “go to” pair of pants….the ones you love and you feel amazing in them and they look good and you don’t have to wash them too often, and even when you wash them they still fell great the first second you put them on right after they were in the dryer?

Yes, those pants are few and far between.  I have a pair of those.  So does Jen.  They are our black skinny jeans.

They are both almost dead.

I sent Jen an email the other day and said, “So, I think I need to retire my black skinnies.  Mine are basically dead.”  Jen replied: “ME TOO!”

So yeah….my black skinnes are Very Vera Vera Wang from Kohls and they are A.MAZING.  Perfect amount of stretch. Perfect fit.  But alas, they are no longer black and are basically “light black,” and they have ceased to hold their form as well after each wearing.  Poor jeans have gotten year round use for over 2 years, it shouldn’t surprise me that they’ve kicked the bucket.

Jen’s black skinnies are from Target and have also gotten year round use for about 2 years.  Same sort of problem as me, though, again, shouldn’t be too surprising.

So we are on the hunt for new black skinnies.  I bought a regular pair of Very Vera Vera Wang skinnies from Kohls this fall and they have been a big disappointment.  I’m always having to pull them up.  It is BEYOND annoying.  And speaking of that, that seems to be a general problem with skinny pants that I own.  They slide down ALL. THE. TIME.  Apparently I am not buying the right fit or something.  I digress.

So we’re off to find the perfect pair of jeans.  We’ll let you know if they show up.

And also, I know posts without photos are lame, but, I can’t find a great photo to go with this.  :-)

Till next time…………..

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