All righty, we are 2.5 weeks into the remodel.

The novelty of more or less living in our lower level has worn off.  The other night Adlee says to Jen (my sister), “Hey Annie, we live in our basement now.”  (Annie=Auntie).  So yes, we live in our basement now.  Last week was not fun with all the sheetrocking going on.  We were more or less trapped in our basement.

Just to clarify, I would like everyone to know that I am NOT complaining, as this is what I have been wanting for YEARS. Literally THREE YEARS.  I’m just stating the fact that living in your basement with your dining room and makeshift kitchen in your guest room is quite an adjustment, especially with 3 small ones.  I am definitely happy and thankful that this is happening!

Just for fun, here is the closet in our guest room.  The stuff that used to be on those shelves is scattered in random places throghout the house:

closet 2 closet Basically we call it survival mode.  :-)

Last week the kids and I spent a few days at my mom and dad’s house since we were trapped in the basement.  It was nice to get out.  We had dinner over there one night which was great! So, for food last week we did the following:
Monday: friend’s house
Tuesday: paninis
Wednesday: mom and dad’s
Thursday: I went out with some church ladies, I don’t even know what Aaron and the kids did
Friday-Saturday: At my brother’s house
Sunday: Noodles and Famous Daves (i chose noodles after church, then we met aaron’s mom for dinner for mother’s day at Famous Daves)

So anyway, the fun this week has been that THE FLOORS ARE GOING IN!!!!!!!!  They are almost done with them.  Here’s a glimpse!

floor steps So there’s the excitement around here!  These are all cell phone pics, just FYI.  We are into the fun stuff now!!  Yay!

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