Now on to the finished product of the playroom!  I think I’ll just cut to the chase and show you the finished product.  Get ready for picture overload.  First though, the video so you can see what the room looks like since its kinda small (and FYI I didn’t even watch this, I just recorded and posted.  yep, that’s how I roll). And if you don’t want to watch it you really aren’t missing out on much .

Ok and now for pictures.
I am seriously in love with how it turned out!!  LOVE.  Ok…so…if you are interested, here are some details.  Most things are from Ikea.

I got this piece of art from Hallmark a few years ago.  I have seen this saying floating around on Pinterest a lot; I love it for the play room:

The guitar is hung on a nail behind the kid-sized Ikea chair:

Aaron hung up this curtain wire to hang kid creations on.

We got two of these Trofast storage frames and filled them with stuff:

The top shelves are filled with independent play things on the left and puzzles on the right.  The nice thing is that Adlee cannot reach these items but they are easily accessible to Matea.  The bins are filled with the following items:  On the left – activity books (sticker books/highlights magazines/workbooks), barbies, magnet dolls, velcro food, and puzzles.  On the right – the top drawer has a couple random items in it, then balls, dress up clothes, and dress up accessories.  Again, this system works great because Matea can reach her Barbies but Adlee can’t.  Also, Adlee can reach puzzle pieces to play with chew on.  I attached labels on using name tags and velcro!  Easy to change out as our toy needs change.

I then just cut off the very top strip and stuck some paper in!  I used images off of google and also put words on the labels so Matea can start recognizing names of things to go along with pictures.

These storage systems are in a little “nook” in the room and they don’t fully fit the space, so I have some of the bulky musical instrumets in the little area between the wall and the storage unit.  So far it is working great!  We are keeping a little keyboard, another toy guitar, a recorder, a microphone, and some moroccas there.

We hung the curtains over the window with the same Ikea wire system we used for the art display.  I found the curtains on sale at target for $6.50ish each.  The table under the window is this one from Ikea (shocking, I know!) and it folds out.  This was a bit of a splurge for us but we figure it will be useful for years to come in lots of situations.  Another plus to this table is the storage drawers inside where we keep the tag reader pen and various markers/crayons/colored pencils.  Again, totally accessible to Matea but Adlee hasn’t figured it out (yet). I should also mention that the rug was also found at Ikea.  For $40 I’m not concerned about it getting ruined someday and it added the “play” feel to the room that I was hoping for.

Now for the Expedit system.  We did not push the bookcase all the way to the wall and I used the space between the wall and the shelving unit to store the crawl tunnel, puppet stage, and a couple other bulky items.  It is working great. The top row has: Paper/Tag reader stuff/books/books
Second row has: Play-doh/ball toy & farm/board books/board books

I used the same name tag holders for labels on the baskets as I did in the other shelves.  I attached the labels to the baskets with rings – it works slick!  The baskets are labelled as follows:
Third row: Baby toys/Puppets/Dolls/Other toys
Fourth row: Blocks/Cars/Kitchen/Stuffed Animals

On the very top of the shelf I have some art supplies and Matea’s “Happy Birthday” hat she got at church.  :-)

And last, but not least, to the right of the big shelving unit is the play kitchen.  I put a 3M hook on the bookshelf and hung the aprons up!

And there you have it! The only things you don’t see is a tea set and two 71 quart rubbermaid bins.  One holds large legos and the other holds  baby toys that I rotate into the basket in the Expedit shelf.  Those three items are in the closet right by the stairs.

I’m really happy with how this all turned out!!  There is plenty of space to play and space to grow/change/adjust as the kids get bigger and their interests change.  I can easily consolidate some of these toys down into just one container if I need to down the road!

Thanks for letting me share this with you all – I feel really proud of myself and it ended up being a really fun project for me.  :-)

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