We are one full week into the remodel.  One week down, five to go!

It rained almost the ENTIRE week last week, so it was a bit of a rough start.  We were also pretty confined to the downstairs during the day as they had most of the main level taped off with plastic in order to prevent dust from getting everywhere.  It got everywhere anyway….so I can’t imagine if they hadn’t done that.

So by Friday we had this going on:

week 1 Scraped ceilings, new lights, fixed steps going downstairs, new bathroom door and bedroom door (down the dark hallway), new patio door (also an identical one below), a bunch of electrical holes and I’m sure a ton of other stuff that I don’t have a clue about.  I know that photo is kind of small, but I think it gives you a general idea.

Also, in case anybody is wondering, here is what we had for dinner the last week living without a kitchen:Monday – Broadway Pizza buffet (kids eat free!)
Tuesday – crockpot lasagna.  I tried the crockpot liner for the first time and it was AWESOME to have no clean up!!
Wednesday – costco teriyaki chicken (microwaved), rice (rice cooker), and steamed broccoli (microwave)
Thursday -  Chipotle
Friday – went to a friend’s house (burgers and hot dogs)
Saturday – Costco dinner (no shame here! we were there anyway and fed our family for $8.50 plus some fruit when we got home)
Sunday – grilled at my parents (burgers – we LOVE GRILLING SEASON!)

This is the girls and me chilling out in the basement.  For the fourth day in a row.


So, we are surviving!!  This week the sheet rock guys are here.  I’ll try to take some more “real” photos of what is going on since they are only here for half days.  There won’t be much of a noticeable change this week….but next week the floors go in!!!!!!!!!!!

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