People, I’m TIRED.

I’ve had a cold for the last week, and it is one of those that is bad in the morning and evening/night so I haven’t been sleeping well and it has finally caught up with me.  Sleep, please?

Today Adlee turns one!  This past year FLEW by.  Here’s our huge (ha ha) 5#7oz baby with her big sister.

I’m sure I’ll post a few pictures next week of her wearing her “one” shirt I tried to make for her.  Its…um….well lets just say it was my first try.  :-)

In the food category:
I like carrot cake and zucchini bread, so I’m assuming I’d like these Carrot and Zucchini Bars with Lemon and Cream Cheese Frosting.


But just so we’re not too healthy, I kind of want to try this:


On a side note, that “embed” feature on Pinterest is AMAZING…I can just copy the html and it puts the image with a link to the original source on my post!  HEY-O!!

You should head over to Cookies and Cups and read the post that this pie recipe is on – there is a funny tooth fairy story on it.

My brain hurts right now.

Speaking of hurting heads.  I love the part in You’ve Got Mail where Kathleen Kelly says, “My  head is feeling fuzzy…..” which is how I feel.  It comes right after this scene…which I can’t embed.  Sad.  But you should watch it anyway because it is only a minute and a half.

So, I think that’s really I’ve got.  I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend.  I don’t really know what is on tap for me…maybe watching You’ve Got Mail?  Sounds lovely to me!


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