Its true that sometimes the best gifts don’t come from a store.

For my birthday last April, Jen gave me the gift of helping me go through all my clothes.  To the average person that might seem like a lame gift.  To me, it was amazing.  Here’s why:

1. I consistently feel like I have nothing to wear, yet, an entire dresser and half a closet full of clothes.
2. Jen has amazing style.  She is really good at helping me find clothes that stretch my comfort zone, but help me feel cute.  We don’t wear the same style clothes, but she works with what she knows I like and helps me look my best.
3.  I (accidentally) have become that mom that puts her kids before herself.  I go through the kids clothes, decorate their bedrooms, and buy them cute things and have not done much of that for myself for five years.  (Aaron and I are finally working on our bedroom now.  Its been undecorated for almost 6 years).
4. I am an activator (StrengthsFinder, anyone?), which means when I decide to do things I want them done NOW.  For some reason I cannot apply that personality trait to my clothes.

To sum up, I desperately needed help.

It took Jen and I a while to figure out a time to finally start working on my clothes….but the timing really couldn’t be better.  Now that we have a little extra cushion in our budget thanks to selling our Duluth house I am able to purchase a few “just for me” things.  Also, Aaron and I have deemed this winter the time that we are ACTUALLY decorating our room (new headboard already!), so the clothing part fits perfectly.  Ah yes, I am punny.

Moving on.

It took us, oh, maybe 2ish hours to go through all my stuff.  And it was SO FUN!!!!  I needed the extra push from Jen to just get it done.  We got 4 grocery bags full of stuff to go to Goodwill.  We then went through a few of my clothes and Jen helped me come up with some outfits to try.  Here is a sampling (sorry you can’t see the shoes!)  The first one still scares me some:

IMG_6636 IMG_6637 IMG_6638 IMG_6639

We then flipped through my instagram feed and decided I need booties and a few other clothing items to just boost my options.  We decided to hit up Target and drop off the Goodwill stuff on the way.  $160 later I had new clothes, new shoes, new workout pants, bras, underwear, a picture frame, and 2 jackets for the kids (they were 50% off and ADORABLE) and I had NONE of the clothes in my house that I needed to get rid of.  So freeing!

I am SO thankful for the gift of time (and a Target shirt!) that Jen gave me.  It was a little humbling and sometimes even embarrassing to go through everything, but there really isn’t anybody else I’d rather have help me with my clothes!  My goal is to stretch myself some more with my clothing and use what I have in better ways.  Maybe I’ll take a photo now and then of something that is new to me and post it.  :-)

Today, however, the high is -16 and windchill around -55.  You can find me in fleece pants and a sweatshirt.  :-)

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