So….I was gone last weekend on a retreat, like I mentioned.  I came home to a completely empty main living space.  It was weird.  I’m not sure how many of you saw this on facebook, so I figured I’d post it here:

Here is a panoramic view of the space – hopefully it helps give you a better feel for what is happening:

panoramic One Monday, the thing I have been hoping for since the day we moved in 3 years ago happened: the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room CAME DOWN.  Oh man, it is all I dreamed it would be!!

wall Ahh, progress.

The electrician is here installing lights and outlets, and the construction workers are installing one of the sliding glass doors as we speak.  The heat has been running nonstop (thank you, Minnesota, for the temps in the 30s and rain).  The kids and I have been hanging out in our basement – thankfully it is pretty cozy down here!  We turned our guest room into our dining room/”kitchen” – our fridge is out in the garage:

IMG_1683 That is Matea’s foot.  :-)  We were chilling on the bed.

Anyway, that’s the latest and greatest.  I’ll be posting more photos on the facebook page, so if you are interested you can check in there!


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