HEY FRIDAY!  Good to see you.

We still don’t have our computer back yet.  Sadness.  Thankfully our old one is still plugging away.  I ordered our Christmas cards finally.  They might not get here till the 20th so I added “and happy new year” to them.  Just in case.  It is super hard to take a decent picture of Elias – all he wants to do is move.

So Anyway.


I love this:



Who loves magic coffee?



Don’t you just love people who forget that facebook is not a diary?



Finally, Jen and I are totally addicted to White Collar right now.  We’ve been watching it on Netflix.  Anybody else LOVE this show?



And with that, I will leave you.  We are headed to see Elf: The Musical on Saturday with our whole family.  It should be fun!  We’ll try to get some pictures.

I hope you all have a fantastic, restful weekend! See you Monday!

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