If you are anything like Katie and me, you are just itching for nice weather to come so you can crank on the grill and make some delicious food you’ve been without for the past 8 months..

Well, the time has come.  With all of this gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately, we felt the need to get the grill going so we fired her up last night and made some grilled chicken tacos.

Pinterest has been full of different grilling recipes lately so we thought we’d inspire your upcoming dinners with some photos and links to the recipes.

**WARNING: Eat before reading this post or you will be extremely cranky and extra hungry after reading it.

Make sure you click on “source” to bring you to the recipe.  Enjoy!!


YUM! I hope you all ate lunch before reading this post. :) What’s YOUR favorite thing to grill?







Katie and I both LOVE grilling our pizza.  We’ll share our tips and tricks for a perfectly grilled pizza in an upcoming post.

What’s YOUR favorite thing to grill??  Any unique recipes out there that are a must try?


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