Maybe instead of Friday Free For All we should actually call it “freedom Fridays” because I feel so FREE writing about whatever I want.  :-) Although, I have to admit when I saw the FFFA I kind of thought “future farmers of America.”  Does that scream “I’M FROM THE MIDWEST” or what?

Anyway, back to blogging.  I want to let you know about an idea that Jen and I had.  As you know, and will soon see, Jen and I are CHRISTMAS FREAKS.  Almost to the point of really not liking Thanksgiving at all, because it seems like a pointless holiday and just gets in the way of celebrating Christmas.  This is really disappointing to Aaron, because he LOVES Thanksgiving and can’t see how I don’t like it.  At all.  SOOOO, to combat our dislike of eating turkey and slipping into a food coma (I mean really, Thanksgiving is really only good for the desserts!), we decided that every single blog post we publish in the month of November we will include SOMETHING we are thankful for.

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As we were thinking and talking more about our Thankful November plan, we thought, hey, why not challenge other bloggers to do the same thing?  We figure its more important to remember to thank God for what is going on in our life than than decorating a guestroom or finding something cute to wear or agonizing over what recipe to try this week and how to photograph it.  So, what do you say, are you in?  Here’s the official challenge:

Join with us in a Thankful November: Every time you publish a blog post this month, post something you are thankful for at the TOP of your post! 

Not a blogger?  Participate with us! When you comment on the blog of someone who is participating in our Thankful November, include in your comment something you are thankful for!  We think it would be SO MUCH FUN if a few of you out there decided to participate with us!  Let us know if you want to join with us!  It will be so fun to see what we are all thankful for – “house, family, and friends” takes up only 3 posts so we’ll all have to think outside the box.  I personally can’t wait!

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Ok so, I figure I’ll share my weekend plans.  In case anyone cares.

Friday night, Aaron has guys night so I proclaimed it girls night at my house.  But, since we don’t have too many friends down here yet “girls night” consists of our friend who is staying with us and maybe Jen.  Pride and Prejudice might be on the agenda, although, I haven’t seen The Proposal in a while either….

Saturday Jen and I are hitting up a “warehouse fundraiser garage sale.” The bad part?  It has been going on since Thursday.  The good part?  Saturday everything is 50% off.  We are just hoping it rivals Erin’s garage sale on steroids.

Sunday – church and pumpkin carving?  Don’t know when, but pumpkins must get carved this weekend.  I always dream of having a pumpkin looking like this….

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Yeah, that never ever works out.  Probably because I try to use a regular knife to cut out a face. I usually end up with 2 strange looking triange eyes and a freaky looking mouth.  Sigh.  I did see the drill idea so I might try doing something like this instead:

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We’ll see what I decide to do.  At this point, I’m not even sure where to find pumpkin carving tools!  Oh well, either way it’ll be fun to see how they turn out.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  We shall see you on Monday!

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