A while back I found this amazing fabric bouquet on etsy. The price tag was a hefty $450. Yikes. I sent it on to my mom and told her if I ever get married I want her to make me one. I’m pretty positive that is the only wedding thing I have ever “planned” in my life. I hate those people that don’t even have boyfriend yet have their wedding planned (sorry if that’s you!).


Fast forward a couple months and one of my dear friends from college got engaged. I was so honored that she asked me to be in her wedding so I decided to share my secret bouquet with her. Ok not so secret since it is on the internet but still. ;) I told her maybe my mom could whip one up for her. Well it turns out that my parents moved about this same time and my mom had a bit too much on her plate to make a fabric flower bouquet. I decided to take on the task.


Turns out there aren’t all that many fabric flower tutorials out there. There are a million for the melty petal looking ones but not much else. Seriously people. Start making tutorials. Future bridesmaids will thank you. flower 3

I took the few that were out there and altered them here and there. The bride, Becca, had an ivory dress so she wanted white and ivory flowers. I also added some lace, tulle and feathers.

flower 2

I did find this tutorial which talked about using a wire whisk. Could you believe that I had to go to THREE thrift stores to find a wire whisk? Shocking, isn’t it?

flower 5

Hi, something blue.

flower 6

Anyways, Becca had given me a tshirt from her uncle who had passed away. I ended up using it to stuff the wire whisk so it would keep its shape and also give me something to glue the flowers to. flower 1

Becca also gave me family heirlooms like pins, brooches and earrings to incorporate. It was fun – and a little difficult – to incorporate the pieces she gave me. Some fit so perfectly and spots and others were a bit of a challenge to look normal.  flower 8

I had another friend come over and help me make flowers. I clearly underestimated how many flowers it was actually going to take to cover the bouquet. That and I needed a buddy to come over and drink some wine, burn fingers on hot glue guns and tell me what part of the bouquet looked like crap. (Thanks Athena!)

flower 7
I also thought the best way to make sure the flowers stayed on was by sewing them. Again, I was wrong. Well, maybe not wrong but the first flower took over an hour to sew on. I literally did not have enough time to sew all of the flowers on to the bouquet. flower 9

I moved on to hot glue. I used pretty much an entire bag of hot glue sticks gluing the flowers to the whisk and tshirt. Initially I didn’t think glue was going to hold but it did! I added a few stitches here and there but the majority of it is just glued on.

To be honest I was a little nervous how it was going to turn out and if Becca was actually going to like it. She ended up not seeing the final final product until her wedding day (yeah, I’m terrible, I know) but she at least got a “mostly done’ preview the Thursday before.

flower 10

As far as I can tell she loved it! Everyone else was going on about how amazing it was so I’m hoping that everyone wasn’t just being nice. :)

photo 2(19)

The really nice thing is this is something that she will have for forever!

photo 4(7)

Sadly these are the only photos I have of the final bouquet. I’m hoping I will get a few better ones from the photographer to show you all. It was so fun creating such a unique thing that Becca will always have to remember her wedding!

bouquet 2

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