Kitchen, not only are your days numbered, but we also have a number on how much it is going to cost to give you a good old makeover.

Over the past week and a half we have had two contractors come out to our place to give us estimates on what it is going to cost to have our kitchen redone.  Both contractors we found on Angie’s List and both have FANTASTIC reviews.  One is a big company, and one is a small, one man company.  I was really interested to see how they matched up….and man, were they ever different.

Upon Arrival:
Both were friendly and cordial.

Taking measurements:
Mr. Big Contractor (hereby known as Mr. B) took general measurements with a regular tape measure.  Mr Little Contractor (Mr. L) admitted he forgot his digital tape measure and camera, so he took measurements with his regular tape measure and snapped some photos of our space with his phone.

Understanding what we want:
I showed each contractor this photo as a jumping off idea of the layout that we are thinking we want (not necessarily the style):

image from Roomzaar

Mr. B told us we want regular hardwood when we mentioned we were looking at engineered hardwood.  Mr. L said engineered would be better with kids (doesn’t scratch as easily) and better in the kitchen.  Mr. L did say “we can do whatever you want, however.”  Mr. B seemed a little distracted and didn’t seem to be listening very atentively.  Mr. B asked us two times within 10 minutes what kind of countertop we were thinking of.  When we told him soapstone, he said, “no, you don’t want that, it is too expensive.”  Mr. L just nodded and wrote it down.  Mr. B wrote nothing down.  Mr. L took notes our entire meeting.

Mr. B said 7-8 weeks
Mr. L said 4-5 weeks

So there is a general idea of the differences.  Overall, we felt like Mr B told us what we wanted, and Mr L listened to what we wanted.  Another pro to Mr L is this: he uses pinterest.  Check this out: he already started a “secret board” that we both can pin things to and put our plans/ideas for the project.  I LOVE THAT.

We got the estimates and they are within 1000 of each other.  Interestingly enough, Mr. L has a LOT more money put into product.  Here’s an example: the total cost is going to be about $40,000 (gulp!).  Mr. B has $4000 of that budget as demolition.  Mr. L has $700.  I’d much rather spend the money on product than labor!!  (And who knows, we might do a bunch of demo ourselves, all that is yet to be determined.)

We are hoping to get one more contractor in here and then we’ll make a decision and start the planning!!  This is exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time!

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