Happy freezing cold week! Is anyone else getting hit as hard as we are? Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

I’m going to channel my warm and happy thoughts and share a story from the last half marathon I ran (because I know you’ve all missed my running stories). This one includes a cute guy though. Who’s number I got. Strictly for business purposes though. :)

Back in November I flew out to Philadelphia to run in the the Philadelphia Half Marathon with my cousin in law, Joanna (remember her?).


My cousin Andrew and Joanna had a baby back in April (actually on the same day as the Boston Marathon and sadly this year’s bombing) and Joanna wanted some extra motivation to get back into running after having her first child. Joanna and I met up a few years ago for my first full marathon and her second half marathon in Arizona and decided we should continue on with the tradition of meeting for races!

And bonus. Their child adores me.


The race was on Sunday so we spent Saturday exploring Philly and ended at the race expo to pick up our bibs and race packets. While roaming the vendors there we ran into Janji, a running apparel company that helps fight the food and water crisis. While looking through their products we discovered that each line of clothing helps a different cause…all related to food or water in developing countries!

I was introduced to one of the owners, Dave Spandorfer, who was fabulous! (This would be the cute guy…) He shared a bit more about Janji and why he and his business partner, Mike Burnsein, started it. You can read more about it at the Paisley Print Boutique blog. (It includes a picture of the cute boy…I know, I’m mean, aren’t I?)

But seriously, I’d love it if you popped over there. My PPB blog doesn’t get much love. Sad, I know. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a really funny story about what happened DURING the race. It’s classic. Be sure you don’t miss it. :)

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