So, you know when you haven’t blogged for months and months and you have been intending to blog for months and months and then you finally sit down to write and the first thing that comes to your mind is:


Sure makes for an exciting blog post.

All that to say….I’ve been meaning to get back here.  So I am finally sitting down and getting back here.  :-)  I don’t know how often I’ll blog….maybe once a week or so….but I am making no commitments.  I like blogging and writing and challenging myself.  I don’t like editing photos for the blog and I don’t like blog maintenance.  So that’s kind of a problem.  But I’ll probably get over that.

The main things you should know:
1. I still LOVE OUR REMODEL.  I should take more pictures and show you guys.  I LOVE IT.
2. Jen (remember her? my sister who used to blog here?) is getting married in May and updated her store!  Go to Paisley and Sparrow to see beauty and home prodcuts that are TRULY making a difference in the world…..its pretty great!
3. I have decided that I enjoy food too much and exercising not enough.
4. We are getting a dog this spring and our kids have no idea which is fun.
5. I need new workout shoes
6. I am on a pinterest recipe kick
7. I still consistently have issues getting photos from my phone onto anywhere else. I’m old.

We didn’t do Christmas photos this year.  So I posted this on facebook around Christmas.  For you, this says Happy Valentine’s Day. :-)


So that is pretty much what we look like.  Except Aaron shaved his beard and we aren’t quite as blurry in real life.

Until next time…………..see you soon!

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