A couple days ago I was on Etsy and I came across one of my most favorite prints to date.  When I found this print from the store My Little Bird Told Me, I seriously freaked out about how awesome it is, sent it to Jen, and she loved it too.  The funny thing is, I found this within HOURS after posting this post about our love for singing.  Check this out:

{image used with permission from My Little Bird Told Me}

If you have been following our blog at all, you’ll know immediately why we love this so much!  WE LOVE ICE CREAM!!  We have blogged about it here and here.  And we just love to sing.  A lot.  All the time.

As far as the blue phrases on the print, well, we love those too!  We both think that the world is a bit too “plugged in” – and we include ourselves in that equation.  Sometimes it is embarrassing how often I check my email or facebook.  It would be good to spend more time unplugged, dancing in the rain and sleeping under the stars (although, in MN if you sleep under the stars you’ll likely end up eaten by mosquito.  I’m not much for camping, anyway, but I fully support the concept.)

I am DESPERATELY trying to figure out where I can put this in my house.  Maybe in my dining room?  Not sure.  We still have a lot of settling in to do since moving 6 weeks ago so perhaps this print can find a place in my home somewhere.  At $11.99 it is an affordable, awesome piece of art!  Be sure to check out my Little Bird Told Me on Etsy – there are a bunch of other fun prints and map art for sale!

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